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FIRST Robotics is the Sport of the Mind, where every team member can go pro! This is the hardest fun you have ever had.
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2nd in the State of Georgia, 2nd at the Houston World's, and 2nd at the Festival of Champions (overall World Championship) - that leaves room to improve for 2018!

Science Night Out - Ages 8-14 Fall 2017 - Science/Engineering experiences for 4 hours on a Friday while the parents can go to dinner, etc (or hang out with us!) Look for more information in late August

“I think the sports model works beautifully. Why don’t we use it?” Dean Kamen said. “When I started FIRST, all I said was, Let’s find superstars from the world of tech. We can make a real difference with what happens in this world.”

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Sponsors for 2017 - Our sponsors recognize the importance of STEM educational opportunities for students in our community. Thank you!!

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What is FIRST Robotics?

Team Pictures back to 2009


Intro to FIRST Robotics (video)

Robotics Design (video)

SAFETY Video (Grant Imahara from MythBusters)
Jordan HS Shop Safety

Current Projects

List of competitions with teams

So you want to be on a robotics team...

2016-2017 Wish List

Recruiting 2016

Event Registration 2017

Robotics in the Classroom Workshop - Tuesday 7/26 and Wednesday 7/27


2017 Season completed: 65-27-3 :: World Champion Finalists on Einstein and Festival of Champion Finalists

Week 1: Semifinalists at Gainesville District, EI Winner
Week 3: Finalists at Columbus District
Week 4: Winners of Albany District
Week 6: Finalists at PCH State Competition, Winners of PCH Engineering Inspiration.

World Championship, Houston: Winner of Newton 2017 at Houston World Championship with the amazing alliance partners FRC118, and FRC1678

Class of Champions, Red Alliance with FRC973, FRC1011, and FRC5499

2016 Season completed: 58-30-1
Week 2: Columbus District. Won the District + Engineering Innovation Award
Week 3: Albany District: Finalists + Engineering Inspiration Award
Week 4: Huntsville Rocket City Regional: Finalist, Wild Card to Worlds!
Week 7: Athens Georgia State Championship - semifinalists
Week 9: World Championships (St. Louis)
October 22, 2016: GRITS off-season tournament (Gainesville, GA) - semifinalists


2016 Columbus Georgia District Winners (with Team 1648 and Team 5074), Albany Georgia District Finalists (Captain) (with Team 1648 and Team 4730 and Team 3344), Rocket City Regional Finalists (Captain) (with Team 364 and Team 801), Georgia State Woodie Flowers Finalist
2015 Off Season: 1st Place Winner at GRITS - Thanks to our amazing Alliance partners Teams 2974 and 4468. 2nd Place Alliance Captain of Xbots in Albany, GA June 2015,
2015 Peachtree Regional Winner. Captain of Alliance with Team 343 and Team108, Georgia Southern Classic, Judges Award
2013 BEST Robotics War Eagle BEST 1st place Design award
2013 Spirit Award, 3rd Place Chairman Award at Peachtree Regional. Robot Record: 6-3, placed #19 out of 60 teams.
2012 Peachtree Regional Rookie All-Star Winners! 4th place Rookie team in Newton Division at 2012 FIRST World Championship.

2012 BEST Robotics War Eagle BEST 1st place robot. 2012 5th place overall at South's BEST national competition.

Cumulative Record since 2009 (including Team 2967): 185 wins, 97 losses, 6 ties (288 competition matches)

Game Videos (archived)

Team 1038 YouTube Channel -- download the Team 2530 book and look at your sections
Team 1114 Training videos --


GRITS Scouting Form

PID loop video for Programmers

Documentary on 2015 World Championships

District 2015 Organization Primer Page

Chief Delphi

/r/frc Reddit

NASA Contest link


2014 Results: #9 out of 65 teams at Peachtree Regional, 9-4 record, Beat #2 alliance, lost by 10pts in semi-finals to Peachtree winning alliance


Signs for Pit, Robot, T-shirts

2014 Pre-Season Inventory

2014 Fund Raising

Columbus BEST Robotics


Meal Donations:


FIRST Scholarship News – January Update: Find out about two new FIRST Scholarship opportunities for 2012 and about LOTS of scholarships whose deadline dates are fast approaching! Also read messages from some of our FIRST Scholarship Providers. See: