Wish List

Arbor press

Stuff we need
Hole punch
10 Water bottles
heat shrink kits
cable hardware
#10-24 bolts
1/4-20 bolts
#8-32 bolts
#4-40 bolts for limit swtiches
limit switches
80/20 restock
dry erase markers


Hay Stacking (watch 1st 2 minutes)

Forklift lifting boxes (bottom to top)

Build Training

Hand Tools: screw driver, wrenches, pliers, punch, file, hand saw, etc.

  • Power Tools: Red band saw, green band saw, drill presses, dremel tool, drills, power saws, etc.
  • Different Materials: assorted aluminum pieces/parts, carbon-carbon, PVC, wood, Lexan, types of wheels, types of motors
  • Pneumatics: Uses, cylinders, full circuit, mounting
  • How to measure things properly and accurately