Driveteam Criteria
Strong Work Ethic - Dedication to the Team
Familiarity with the Robot
Ability to Operate Robot for Position
Experience Behind the Wall
Attendance to Drive Practice
Ontime and not late to Drive Practice
Can Attend All Events
Test Scores
Good Communications
Works well with Others
Good Under Pressure
Instinct Ability
Follows Coach's Direction Well
Respects Safety Rules
Good Strategic Thinking
Good with Judges
Positive Role Model
Checks Email Regularly for Updates

Week 5
Cut sheet for 2nd robot
Drivetrain - tune driving (brownout protection, automatic transmission), driver training/tryout, encoders
Bumper supports
Outer Elevator - encoder follow, speed tuning, height selection, motion tuning (elastic top/bottom?)
Inner Elevator - single lead screw with side mounts/rod guides
Climb - claws and claw placement, wing placement, wing deployment, weight testing and wing tuning
Programming - see above.

Trade Study Google sheet
IPT slides


Structure/Drivetrain (S)
S1 12-18 ft/s
S2 precise placement delta-x < 2"
S3 climb platform and wire obstruction
S4 survive full speed impacts
S5 strong enough for 3 robot multiclimb

PowerCube Control (P)
P1 intake and possess/control power cube < 5s
P2 eject cubes to back of plate on switch and scale
P3 Engagement radius = 20"
P4 Horizontal engagement of cubes for control/lifting
P5 pick up from ground or pile

Elevator (E)
E1 Outer elevator speed >= 51" in 3 s
E2 Inner elevator speed >= 39" in 2 s
E3 Horizontal stability at maximum height < 1 inch at slow speeds for Null zone placement

Climb (C)
C1 Deployment time < 2s
C2 Climb time once robots on board < 6s
C3 Lift 500lbs

Autonomous (A)
A1 Options for all random assignments and multiple field positions
A2 Ability to assist in placement of cubes by detection of cubes
A3 Ability to assist in placement of cubes by detecting location of plate edges
A4 Robot collision avoidance