2017-2018 Wish List

Powder Coating Oven

CNC Router

FRC1678 ChiefDelphi thread discussing benefits of CNC Router
Velox CNC - $9000 http://www.veloxcncrouters.com/3636-cnc-router-3x3
IQTableTop Router - $6000 + supplies https://lagunatools.com/cnc/iq-series/iq-24-36-cnc/
D-23 miniTron $6000 - https://cancam.wpengine.com/product/d-23-minitron-desktop-cnc-router/

VeloxCNC (10% off for FRC teams) Flow process: CAD --> .DXF --> CAM Software (Vectric Cut2D Pro or HSMExpress with SolidWorks) --> G-code
Toolmaker vises at shars.com
mist nozzle with WD-40
AndyMark uses Shop Sabre router 18000rpm, 3-5 hp MasterCAM for SW (free for FRC teams)
single flute, high speed to minimoze loss of precision for Al
use carbide not HSS - Onscrud carbide single flute cutters
Misting with alcohol
Facemill tool


3D Printer
Onyx One Carbon fiber filament printer $3500 https://markforged.com/product/onyx-one/

CNC Mill
Tormach - $15,000 not a knee mill but FRC level CNC - http://bit.ly/2pQNUu5

Knee Mill $7000
This estimate is for a used knee mill plus tooling and transportation. The mill will allow for precision custom parts and advanced training of our team members in house.
Grizzly Vertical Mill -

Lathe $3000
Turning metal will allow us to make custom hubs and a variety of manufactured parts.
Grizzly G0602 -

Powder Coating System
Harbor Freight
DIY Oven

64-bit computers (laptop and/or desktop) for AutoCAD and programming

Tool upgrades $3000
This includes an Arbor Press, a Metal Brake, and other tools to allow for more in-house manufacturing.

100A Switching Power Supply

Oven for surface mount circuits

Soldering stations

- Security Camera Upgrade
- Projector and Sound for the Gym for public events
- Replace burned out gym lights
- Install triple phase 220V for mills and lathes (could be adapter)
- Advanced work stations (proposal to Lowes?)

Enclosed Trailer $3500


Off-Season Projects

Speed upgrade and shooter - 2.0 chassis --> 4.0

GoKart (capable of carrying a single rider up to 7 ft tall and 300 pounds)

Swerve Drive

Robot refurbishment