2017 Team

Current Veteran/Summer Team members who have applied (28):
Josh B, Drake, Megan, Ashita, Tyler, Victoria, Vineeth, Hallie, Kyle, Collin, Jacob, Joshua L, Taejun, Eric, Crystal, Akshat, Sarth, Darris, Sruthi, Connie, Connor, Su-Ji, Vivian, Haritha, Christine, Anish, Sebastian, Mary,

New applications (due Tuesday 9/13):
Tyler, Selena, Elina, Skyla, Zachary, Yuag


2016 Mentors:

Laura Richardson, Brad Throlson(Senior), Billy Hankins, David Rush, Brandon King, Veena Harish, Charles Barton(Senior), Tim Morris, Ben LaPointe

2016 Team Members: [33]

Hallie Richardson, Megan Throlson, Ashita Patel, Connor Riely, Darris Holland, Tyler Toma, Nicolas Chen, Josh Lee, Josh Barton, John Barton , Victoria Thornton, Anish Upadhayay, Priyanka Parikh, Sebastian Wilson, Jenny Youm, Zhong Zheng, Sruthi Sethuram, Jared Vale, Vineeth Harish, Akshat Patel, Mary Chen, Shelley Chen, Su Ji Cho, Taejun Park, Kyle Mitchell, Sarth Patel, Collin Murphy, Christine Hong, Haritha Sigili, Drake Braski, Zane Stauffer, Sneha Rajeev, Alex Lee-Boulton

2016 Senior Level Team Members: John, Megan, Victoria, Ashita, Vineeth, Tyler, Hallie, Jenny, Jared

Build Season Hours (as of 2/2)


2016 Team Training
APPLICATIONS CLOSED FOR 2016. Summer Recruiting begins in late April 2016 for the 2017 team.
Applications are DUE Thursday September 10, 2015. The 2016 Roster will be posted Monday, September 14. The roster will be set based on quality of application, experience including summer and August training, and limited by number of mentors. General rule for the limit is 8*(number of teachers) + 4*(mentors). Last year, we had 1 teacher and 2 mentors so the limit was 16.

Here is the training thresholds based on a number of stars where 1-2 stars is not too difficult to reach and 3-4 stars requires proven ability and experience:

Safety (minimum 2 star to stay on the roster, 3 required to be a team lead or captain)
(1 star) Past years experience
(2 star) Safety training for this year
(3 star) No safety incidents for 4 months including tool safety & management (putting things up)
(4 star) Safety captain - implement safety plan

This could include such IPTs as Drivetrain, Claw, Arm, Pneumatics, or Lift.
(1 star) Trained to use basic tools + saws and understand organization of tools and hardware
(2 star) Completed a building project with documentation
(3 star) Completed an assembly (combination of parts in one overall mechanism) with documentation in an IPT lifecycle
(4 star) Team lead, multiple IPT lifecycles

Usually coupled with Programming, but must work with Mechanical and Systems as well
(1 star) trained to solder, understands electrical area organization, passed basic electrical test
(2 star) completed electrical assembly with documentation
(3 star) completed electrical IPT lifecycle with doc. and advanced training
(4 star) Team lead, multiple IPT lifecycles

not just AutoCAD - Design requires an ability to take a set of constraints and requirements and come up with a documented solution
(1 star) AutoCAD training, make part, make assembly, measure with calipers, document a design with a basic challenge
(2 star) print or manufacture a part as part of a design challenge with documentation
(3 star) completed design challenge (IPT lifecycle) with an entire assembly that has been validated and verified, use physics calculations in the design, document
(4 star) Team lead, multiple IPT lifecycle

similar to Design, not just Robot Java programming - need team members who can create code solutions within the object oriented framework of the overall code
(1 star) Basic Robot Java, upload programs to robot
(2 star) tested robot code with sensor input or camera input
(3 star) completed IPT lifecycle, sensor and camera
(4 star) Team lead, multiple IPT lifecycle

every team member should have at least one Systems star
(1 star) pass organizational structure test with IPT scenarios
(2 star) build an IPT plan complete with GANTT chart, learn 4 basic budgets (mass, power, cost, time) using Excel
(3 star) implement a project plan with multiple IPTs
(4 star) Team lead, complete a season competition plan

(1 star) create a media product with photo, video, or other multimedia tools to be used by the team
(2 star) implement a media plan for an event
(3 star) implement a chairmans plan
(4 star) Team lead, multiple media events

Team Communication

Emails through the wiggio site will be used as the primary messaging service. Members may elect to add their cell phones to the listserv if there service plan can tolerate the typical number of messages sent. There are 3 wiggio listserv groups:
This is the main engineering team site used to communicate team related information as well as start discussions on technical issues

This list is for new team members who have not ever been on a roster. Once rosters are announced, those team members will be moved into the above. Usually, the same messages are sent to both groups until the roster is announced.

Parents and CSP stakeholders who want information about our fundraising, trip coordination, and other big picture discussions are on this list.


To be on the roster, team members are asked to spend at least 8 hours per week working with the team to reach our goals. During competition season, the team will have at least 22 hours per week of meetings. Team captains and leads will spend upwards of 16h per week. To anticipate team member participation, a calendar will be set-up to show who expects to come and at what times.

Weekends (Saturdays in particular) are our best work day. Do not come late on weekends unless you have a documented reason. Mentors volunteer their time and should not wait for team members.

Senior Project time should be well planned out so that senior team members stop coming to robotics.

Team leads will be reassigned as needed for any team member who has a significant change in schedule or who does not communicate times they can come to robotics.