May 2015

*Recruit students for summer pre-season activities
Plans for Training, Summer schedule, Flyers - Tuesday, May 5th CHS 3:30-4:15
Put up Flyers around school for informational meeting, Wednesday May 6th
Informational Meeting, CHS,Friday May 8th - 3:30-4:00
Put up flyers around school for Robot Drive Challenge
Robot Drive Challenge at Marshall, Friday May 15th 4:00-5:30
AutoCAD PreSeason Training, CHS, Monday May 18th 3:30-4:30
Programming PreSeason Training, CHS, Tuesday May 19th 3:30-4:30
Albany Practice, Dates To Be Announced - Goal: Improve Can Burglar, Practice Practice Practice

June 2015

Practice Schedule TBA
X-BOTS Off Season Competition at Albany, GA - June 27th

STEM Award --

2016 Mentor Recruitment

Need multiple mentors in
  • Mechanical - advise student teams taking on challenges to come up with mechanical solutions, general experience with mechanisms and tools. Experience with machining tools, and welding a plus.
  • Design - review student designs in AutoCAD. Use Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks. Promote use of our 3D printer.
  • Electrical - advise students on efficient wire management and power use.
  • Programming - review student programming solutions written in JAVA
  • Business - advise students in presentation strategies, and implementing the "business case" for the outreach effort of the team

Mentor expectations:
Register with FIRST Robotics for a free background check.
Time from professionals is worth as much or more than financial support, so any time is appreciated. To be most effective in the 6 week build season, a mentor would be able to come twice a week or more for a couple of hours. There may be some weeks where a mentor could not come at all, but they may come more often on other weeks as time allows. During build season, there will be a master calendar where mentors can update when they can come to help team members plan on taking advantage of the time.

Coach expectations:
A coach is a mentor that can commit to coming every weekend during the build season and at least two days during the week. This extra time commitment allows for logistical planning of team efforts.

Mentors and coaches will receive team shirts, hotel and travel costs as the budget allows. There may be a few meals in there too from the Booster club on the longer evening meetings.

Contact Luther Richardson, astro AT mit DOT edu if you can be a mentor in any area.

Off-Season Projects

Organize Tools & workspace using 5S methodology

Add Double Can Burglar to Blue Robot, Practice, Practice, Practice before Albany June 27th

Make Green robot catapult T-shirts using a motor retraction

Build human carrier with Mecanum wheels

Build a 1-axis fluxgate magnetometer

Redesign DREAMS electrical system

Redesign DREAMS Primary APRS

2016 Season Wish List

TIG Welder $2000
Welding Helmets $750
Welding Table $1000
Welding Supplies $500

Milling Machine
High Option - lower end CNC with accessories, $16000
Medium option - Vertical Mill with accessories, $8000
Lower option -- Small Hand Mill with accessories, $2300

New Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw, $400

20-inch Drill Press, $1200

Combo Mill/Lathe?, $2300

Lathe with accessories, $3000

Storage Bins for Hardware, $500 (more than one, different kinds)

Laser Cutter, $3750