2016 Summer Off Season

July 15/16 BeachBots Tournament :: Gulfport, MS.

Practice Schedule -
6/13 Monday 1-7pm*
6/14 Tuesday 1-7pm*
6/15 Wednesday 1-7pm*
*end time will vary with progress
Robot shooter should be fully functional with all programming and mechanical issues resolved.

Times to be announced.
July 11
July 12
July 13
July 14

All Girls Training / Robot Drive Session - date to be determined

Projects / Training

New students can come to summer project sessions -- veteran team members will be organizing training sessions for the Fall and can try out their ideas on the new students who also get a head start.

Starry Knight Robot - last year's competition robot needs to be prepared for off-season competition events. It will have a 6 wheel drive train where the center wheel is at least 1/4-inch lower than the front or back wheels. A new one-piece shooter will be installed that will have a hard connection to the center cross bar. All electronics will be redone to include moving speed controllers, the radio, and redoing wiring with labels. A working scaler will be installed with a release mechanism that is not the same as the defense arm. Retriever may be redesigned to be smaller.

WestRock Robot - last year's practice robot will be retrofitted to work with tread. Eight metal plates need to be designed that will keep the tread from coming off the sprockets when turning. Electronics will be redone as with Starry Knight. A retriever will be added. A shooter will be added if weight allows.

GoKart - Need to design a top frame that includes a seat interface to the main chassis. Install 4 transmissions for the 4 mecanum wheels. Prepare chassis for painting. Design an electronics board that can also be used for training.

Pit Tool Box Back - make a back board that attaches to the pit tool box that would include a peg board to hang tools.

Custom Robot Cart

Battery Charging station

Electronics Test Bed


Programming - major drive trains, mechanisms, vision tracking, vision encoding, sensors, encoders, pneumatics

FTC Programming

- pit signs: robot design/engineering, workforce development/alumni, outreach
- WCSP sign
- alliance flag (see FTC for requirements - use 2016 alliances to make samples)
- core values posters

- Engineering notebook (see FTC for requirements - use 2016 robot to complete)
- sample Chairman essay
- brochure for potential sponsors, letter for potential sponsors
- rewrites of webpages
- petition letters/letters to the editor/etc.
- blog article

Digital Media:
- Intro/Outro for vlog
- Vlog entry
- Redesign for website pages
- photos of offseason (publish to CSP Members group on Facebook)
- make season compilation video

- flyers for demos
- plan and design for outreach swag (activity book, button, flyers, etc)
- Comm plan for outreach events - include 2015, 2016 robots and go-cart
- FLL training plan
- FTC training plan
- demo imagery objects (design & make) -- i.e., backdrops, signs, etc.
- pit redesign/make the objects (i.e., to hang the banners)

Lessons Learned

Two robots are critical to tournament success - need to be complete robots. Should have finished second shooter.
More welding sooner - make prototype chassis in Week 1 out of Aluminum tube
Prototypes, both chassis and mechanisms were disjointed and not organized with purpose or direction - plan on mechanisms with chassis
Software - work out vision, encoders, smart dashboard over the summer with 4 programmers
Design freeze for each competition at last open bag - minimize changes at competition, straight to inspection and practice field + practice rounds = more wins

Student Team

Give assessment of performance, contributions, attitudes and assets.
More discipline with tools, cleaning space
Less social time, more robot time - reward proactive actions
Cell phones in tray by door
IPT accountability - replace leads who can not make deadlines or communicate issues
Meet with all prospective parents (REQUIRED) to explain varsity academic team expectations
Meet with all parents of leads to explain balance of time, expectations, and establish communication


Establish Fall plan, implement in the Fall, done by December
Create work breakdown structure for business/outreach
See preliminary plan - http://columbusrobotics.wikispaces.com/2016-2017+Teams


Need to re-organize the space.
Finish GoKart (paint) with Mecannum wheels - add RoboRio, electronics, seat + support,
Recruit students for Fall and Summer training in May - training in AutoCAD, Programming sessions, Welding, Business (video, animation, FLL training)
Enter 2 robots in 2 off-season events:
Make second shooter
Tread on Robot-2
Add Encoders to shooter and drive wheels
Make middle wheel lower by 1/4 inch (true 6 wheel drive)

PreSeason IPTs


FLL Mentoring
Drive Team
Build Space Management
Destination Einstein

Summer Training

Friday, 5/13: End of year + Pre-2017 meeting
Monday/Tuesday 5/16,17: Robot Demos/Driving in front of lunchroom
Tuesday 5/17 Recruitment meeting, Marshall Middle School 4:30-6pm (Robot Planning, Build Space Prep)
Wednesday 5/18 In-class work sessions, Marshall Middle School 4-6:30pm
Thursday 5/19 In-class work sessions

Monday 5/23 1-3pm Pre-FLL training meeting (set up for Teacher Recruitment)
Thursday 5/26 2-4pm, MMS Robotics Teachers Recruitment