Columbus Space Program

2016-2017 Team Plans


The CSP is planning on taking the lead on creating a pathway for students at different levels to participate in competitive robotics. The key to this plan is to empower teachers and parents with the technical resources to support 6 FLL teams and a FTC team for the 2016-2017 year. This is the beginning of a 5 year plan to bring robotics education into classrooms in every school in our school district.


The diagram shows the different teams by age level and experience level. For instance, FLL could include Junior FLL all the way down to lower elementary grades and FTC could include a high school senior. The FRC team would include the experienced students who would commit to being mentors and finding other ways to be supportive for the other teams. Over time, the cycle will complete itself when FLL team members become FRC team members and support younger students.

The plan to create and support these new teams begins with training. Teachers and parents must be empowered and even inspired to take on the role of coaches for these teams.
An informational meeting for teachers would be held toward the end of the day of post-planning from 1-4pm on Thursday May 26th at Marshall Middle School. Sign up link to be posted here by May 9th.
A two day workshop for FLL coaches would be held July 26th and 27th.


There are three major resource "costs" to address for each team.
Financial Costs:
  • FLL teams typically have a budget of $600 for a 6 week season which does not include stipends for teacher coaches.
  • FTC teams have a budget around $3000 for a 6 week season.
  • FRC teams have a budget of at least $20,000 for a 6 week season. FRC4188 had a budget of over $50,000 which included $18,000 in entry fees and no teacher stipend.
Shared resources can reduce costs.

Time Costs:
FLL and FTC coaches should be expected to spend at least 2 days a week for 3 hours each after school and one Saturday for 6 weeks (total time 11-13 hours per week).
FRC assistant coaches should expect to spend the same amount of time (11-13h per week). Head coaches spend upwards of 40 hours per week just on FRC coaching duties.

Space Costs:
Working on robotics will require some physical space to work on robotics. Many teams reserve a classroom and make room in a closet for supplies. Marshall Middle School will be used as a Saturday meeting space for all teams with offered support from FRC4188 students and mentors. Additional time and space will be available at Columbus MakesIt on specific days of the week.

Link to sample FTC budget