Presenting the 2014-2015 Columbus Robotics Alliance! Meet the Team.

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Experience & Intro
Farita Tasnim
Programming, Electrical, Pneumatics, Build, Design

Hi guys! I'm so excited for my fourth and final year as a student in robotics! It has been my favorite activity for all four years at Columbus High. I have a passion for electrical engineering, especially in applications for alternative energy harvesting. I like making circuits and stuff so I've developed a solar tracker and am now working on developing an ocean wave energy harvesting device. I hope to go to MIT to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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John Barton

MISSING FIRST Roster, Google Survey
Hallie Richardson
Safety Co-Lead
Build, Design, Chairmans, Electrical

Hello!!:) I am Hallie, and I am very excited to begin my second year into this team. Previously, I have been a part of successful FLL teams in both my middle school and elementary. While this is my second year, as earlier mentioned, I am a freshman. Yes, I said freshman. ;) I was able to be a part of this team last year because of special connections with the head coach and have loved it ever since. I have been soldering and making circuits since I was 6, and just this year I have started to learn to use AutoCAD. I am very excited to start this new season.

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Megan Throlson

Victoria Thornton

Jinny VanDoorn
Systems, Pneumaics, Chairmans, Electrical, some Build

This will be my third year as a student in robotics, and I'm anticipating rounding out high school with another high-stakes, adrenaline-filled season! (the usual, so to speak) I've experience on Chairmans, build, and electrical, and am excited to continue to hone and develop engineering skills over the course of the season. Recently I've been working on engineering a microfluidic device for biochemical applications, and continue to pursue my passion in integrating scientific interests (specifically biochemical and microbiological) with mechanical and electrical engineering. I hope to obtain an advanced degree in order to become a research engineer/scientist in a professional commercial or academic capacity.

"Mehr Lihct!."
Shivai Upadhayay
Design Lead

Zhong Zheng

Tiondra Grant

Vineeth Harish
Programming, Build

Ashita Patel
MISSING Google Survey

Tyler Toma

Jared Vale

Jenny Youm



Luther Richardson
Head Coach
Physics Teacher at Columbus High School. Experience in Systems Engineering, Programming, Physics.

FIRST Robotics: 2009-present
DREAMS: 2007-present
NASA (NSIP,NEAT): 2000-present

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Paul King

David Rush

Brad Throlson