2014 Training Plans & Trainers

Build Training: Brandon, Galen, Farita, John B.

  • Hand Tools: screw driver, wrenches, pliers, punch, file, hand saw, etc.

  • Power Tools: Red band saw, green band saw, drill presses, dremel tool, drills, power saws, etc.
  • Different Materials: assorted aluminum pieces/parts, carbon-carbon, PVC, wood, Lexan, types of wheels, types of motors
  • Pneumatics: Uses, cylinders, full circuit, mounting
  • How to measure things properly and accurately

Electronics/Programming: Mr. King, Brandon, Farita

  • All electronics used in FIRST robots; view old robots' circuitry and electronics boards
  • Soldering iron
  • Wire management
  • Different types of motors
  • Simple Programming Exercises: motors, various sensors, camera, pneumatics

Design/CAD: Mr. Graham, Brandon, Joseph

  • Download Autodesk Inventor Pro (2013 or 2014, whatever they currently have at Jordan)
  • Download FIRST kit of parts CAD designs
  • Short lesson with Mr. Graham (beginner's demonstration from text book)
  • Online tutorials
  • Measuring accurately
  • Drafting/drawing demonstration and helpful tips
  • Show our BEST and FIRST CAD designs from previous years; show other teams' CAD designs

Chairman's Award/Marketing: Jinny, ,

  • Take inventory of member/prospective member skills, contacts, equipment, and software
  • Skills--essay writing ability, proficiency with presentation software (i.e PowerPoint), and photo-editing software (Photoshop, Paintool, Illustrator)
  • Materials--possession of video/photo editing software (Pinnacle, AVS, iMovie Corel, Avid, Adobe), photo-editing software (Photoshop, Paintool, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Equipment--cameras (high-resolution video, digital),
  • Contacts--Parent jobs, international travels, etc.
  • Assign roles based on the above